Principal Message

Dear Students, KRN  ITI is a quality oriented leader in higher education in the fields of providing Technical as well as soft skills trainings to students. In the years to come, you will find visible transformation in all aspects of your being as you will be shaped and nurtured by experts in their fields who will equip you with intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual qualities to excel in the competitive world of 21ist century. You will find yourself bubbling with energy to make a significant mark in the profession of your choice. We are committed to providing students with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery. KRN ITI is more than just a place where one studies and works, it is a place that brings people together as a community and binds them in the shared pursuit of knowledge. At KRN ITI, campus life is vibrant and engaging. Workshops, conferences, guest lectures, industrial visits, festivals, sports and many other student events are a regular feature of the academic calendar. Wishing you a grand success!